Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Instant Messaging (IM)

Instant Messaging, or IM, is my absolute favorite way to communicate. It is quick, easy, and to the point. With phone calls you have to make with pleasantries and all the crap that goes with them, with emails I feel like you have to be so formal and people do not always get them right away. But IM, I mean, it is in the name: INSTANT. I love it while I am home and I loved it when I worked in a real office. It is perfect if I am doing work and I have a question for a client of my business partner. I especially like that a lot of IM options show you when someone has read it. That way I can tell if someone has actually received the information. It is nice to just toss a line and say hello to a friend or ask a question that I need an immediate answer for. Obviously, I do not use it if it is a long drawn out question, or I know they will have a long answer. Then I call or email. While I was working at DARPA we loved g-chat, even if we were sitting in the same office. It keeps the office quiet but you still can ask when someone wants to go get coffee or why the damned printer isn't working again.


Skype was revolutionary when it first hit the market. I remember being in Germany and people going on and on about this new thing called Skype and how easy it was to use to call home. And every Soldier's favorite part; it was free. As smartphones have become more and more popular, Skype has kind of fallen to the background. But, I still love it. I downloaded onto my daughter's iPad and she uses it to talk with her father, grandmother, cousin, and a friend that moved to England. And she loves that she can send messages on it. So, while her father is at work she records little videos and sends them to him with her 7 lines of emojis. It makes her feel like a grown-up with a grown-up phone she says (since I told her she was WAY off from getting her own phone). Now that Skype can be used on more than just a computer has made it a hot topic again. I am not sure who else is using it, but for me, it is a lifesaver. Before Skype, whenever she would be on my phone talking to a relative, I would be trying to work and I use my phone a lot for work. It was driving me crazy. Obviously, I want her to stay in touch and connect with our loved ones, but not when it costs me valuable work time. :) Skype saves me a giant headache, and to think, it was almost all but forgotten by many. *This is not an add for Skype*


As many young professionals, I have had a LinkedIn account for as long as I can remember. I never used it to its full potential. In fact, I only had an account because someone in out company told us everyone should have one. Now tat I am running my own business I still find myself not using it in the capacity it was meant for. But, I continue to keep my account, just in case.

LinkedIn is a genius idea when you get down to it. Like a secondary resume for you to show off your connections and potential companies to see more than a simple resume can provide. I believe this site is very useful for people looking to get their name out there, especially if they are looking for a new job. I know a lot of my views came from people looking to hire me when my resume came across their desks. This is a great way to show off more than what you can write on a limited resume. I do suggest that you keep active on it and keep it updated. Add a professional picture and keep those connections rolling in and you will be the happier for it.

Social Media

Easy to use and understand. Flows down the screen. One column of feed.
Easy to use and understand. Flows down the screen. Two columns of feed.
Odd layout. Flows to the left and right of the screen.
Called Friends. Easy to search and navigate.
Called People. Easy to search and navigate.
Called People. No search option.
Upload option available at the top of the Home screen. Easy to use.
Upload option available at the top of the Home screen. Easy to use.
Uploads on menu to the left. Allows music upload as well as video and photo.
Throughout feed ads and communities based on things you’ve posted or viewed. Mixed in with feed.
Offers different forums you may be interested in based on your posts. On the menu bar to the left.
Offers artists and pages to Connect with. Available on menu to the left. Shows most popular.
Through Facebook Messanger
Through Gmail G-Chat

Saturday, November 12, 2016

My Podcast

My podcast is located at https://amberomega.podbean.com/mf/web/58bbib/schoolpodcast.mp3


Here is the link to my voki video: http://tinyurl.com/zf28txj

Hardcore History King of Kings

I want to start by saying JACKPOT!! At this point in my life, I am obsessed with History; any history. When I was digging through podcastalley.com and started getting bored by the titles I was seeing, it was like a special prize when I saw this channel. I will warn everyone, his podcasts are over 3 hours long and his voice is soft and even, wich can lull you if you are tired. I think what I liked most was that he gave you an entire list at the bottom of the page of where he got his information and he gives you what he calls a 'scorecard' that breaks down all the kings he discusses during this podcast. I will say what I liked most was how he speaks, it is almost like he was there and when he recites the speeches he actually puts some power behind it. I do not know if it is because I like history so much or because he catches your attention that well. This will definitely be a podcast I will subscribe to and I hope other people find just as interesting.